‘Dark Knight’ Rising at the IMAX

When the 2012 summer movie slate was announced what was the No. 1 must-see film on your list?

One of the more popular titles without a shadow of a doubt is “The Dark Knight  Rises.” Besides it being the final chapter in Director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy on the caped crusader, the burning question seems to be will Batman live or die. Well, the wait and hype is almost over as the film begins its run July 20 at the IMAX at the Tropicana. As of now, Sept 3 is its slated end date.

If you’re going to see the film, it’s paying the extra money to see it on the super-sized IMAX screen. Honestly, I don’t see it being able to top “The Dark Knight,” which is probably my favorite superhero movie to date. Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance as The Joker stole the show. 

Prediction: This film might be the final installment of The Dark Knight treatment, but I have a strong feeling Batman will return again in the not-so-distant future.

Visit for showtimes and tickets.


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